Our Family History Library is a reference library that contains a growing collection of:

    • over 1200 reference books

    • thousands of fiche

    • data CDs and DVDs

    • journals

    • maps

    • many additional family history resources (e.g., findmypast, Trove and over 300 years of UK newspapers) are available on the Gisborne Library computer system. Please visit the Gisborne Library's Family History page for more information.**

Please note:

  • Our collection is a reference-only collection. Items are not allowed to be borrowed and should not leave the Family History Room.

  • We work cooperatively with the Gisborne Library and try not to duplicate resources whenever possible.

Visitors are welcome to use any of the reference resources in our collection at any time that the Family History Library is open.

Gold coin donation would be appreciated

Gisborne Genealogical Group is now a

FamilySearch affiliate library

Affiliate libraries have access to additional FamilySearch digital records not available outside FamilySearch family history centres. These digital records include images and names indexes. Currently, there are about 400 million original records available in a digital format that affiliate libraries have access to.